46089, 46005, and 46029 are all offline or off station. 

May 1-7, 2017:

Deploy 46029

and service 46089

July 2017: Complete hull exchange for 46005

Operation Maintenance Schedule can be found here.

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CRSOA thanks US Army Corps of Engineers and Port of Portland for informative day aboard the Dredge Oregon

On October 14th, members of the Columbia River Steamship Operators’ Association traveled to St. Helens to catch a glimpse of what a day on the river is like for  the 50 year old Dredge Oregon.  The Dredge Oregon is owned and operated by the Port of Portland and aids in maintaining the Columbia River’s 43’ navigation channel on behalf of the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Maintenance dredging efforts undertaken by the Dredge Oregon ensure ships have a safe and reliable transit route and help make the river a great place to come and do business.