Proudly Serving
Ocean Shipping Interests calling
in the
Oregon and Southwest Washington
areas since 1922

The CRSOA vessel assessment fees cover promotion of maritime commerce and improvement to quality of services provided to commercial ships and barges calling the Columbia River region.  It pays for legal counsel and efforts to control and minimize costs related to pilotage, federal/state pollution prevention, and ballast water and aquatic invasive species programs.  It also contributes to the USCG AIS supported navigation system and ongoing maintenance of towers/transceivers and representation of maritime interests on Federal/State committees and public/private working groups.  


  • Numerous networking opportunities at luncheons, social events, and on working committees
  • Access to CRSOA Oregon and Washington State lobbyists
  • Limited access to CRSOA Legal counsel
  • A stronger voice in establishing and improving regional plans, policies, and procedures
  • Subscription to our members-only newsletter The Watchstander

CRSOA has been serving ocean shipping interests in the Oregon and Southwest Washington areas since 1922.  Throughout the past 95 years, our focus consistently remained on working to make the Columbia River region increasingly popular for commercial ships and shippers to come and do business.  We attribute our successes to the strong networks we have built with our private sector partners and stakeholders, our public sector agencies and regulators, and our Federal and State legislators.

Many companies in our region share identical interests to the mission and goals pursed by CRSOA but may not qualify for our traditional membership.  Yet companies might be eager to take advantage of our network, join in our luncheons and other seasonal social events, make use of our members’ talent and resources, and add voice to that of the CRSOA General Membership. 

We’ve worked to find the right balance between the value we think you’d realize in becoming an Associate, and the cost to you for joining. You may be interested to know that the cost of joining has been set to recoup only the expense of our monthly luncheons and social functions and not for any revenue generating purposes whatsoever.  CRSOA believes there is great value in widening and strengthening our network by partnering with others like you who share our goals, and by making the value to you far outweigh any cost considerations.


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