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Proudly Serving
Ocean Shipping Interests calling
in the
Oregon and Southwest Washington
areas since 1922


The Columbia River Steamship Operators’ Association, Inc. (CRSOA), established in 1922 as the Portland Steamship Operators’ Association, includes members representing ship owners, operators, agents, towing, and bunkering, as well as facilities and ports along the Columbia/Willamette/Snake River and Oregon Coast River Systems. 

The Columbia River trade corridor is the lifeblood of our regional economy, supporting 46 million tons of foreign trade at a value of over $20 billion annually.  The Columbia River export gateway is the nation’s top wheat export gateway and the second for soybean exports.  It is the third largest grain export gateway in the world, as well as the West Coast’s leader in dry bulks, mineral bulk, and wood exports and second for auto imports and exports. 

CRSOA’s purpose is to make the ports in the Columbia River region increasingly popular for commercial ships and shippers to come and do business. This is accomplished by working closely with Federal, state, and city governments, Federal and state legislators, ports, pilots, and shippers, with agricultural and industrial organizations, and with trade associations, unions, and others to ensure that quality services are provided at competitive prices in a safe, secure, reliable, and efficient manner.

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